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The Doan Family is the only father-and-five-sons family of bankruptcy lawyers in the country. By combining our traditional Christian family values with superior legal representation and excellent client care, we remain among the leaders of California bankruptcy lawyers. See for yourself what our bankruptcy clients have to say.

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If the thought of filing bankruptcy has crossed your mind, look no further.  The Doan bankruptcy lawyers and our staff of highly trained bankruptcy attorneys are among the most experienced bankruptcy attorneys in California, serving Orange County, the Inland Empire, Los Angeles County, and San Diego County.

Whether you are considering filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, our bankruptcy attorneys will explain the nuts-and-bolts of how bankruptcy works and how filing bankruptcy can help you become debt-free.

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Doan Law Group is dedicated to helping you with your bankruptcy as well as rebuilding your credit after bankruptcy.  All Doan Law Group clients enjoy full access to the 7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score program at our specially negotiated rate.