Thomas G. Kemerer, Esq.

  • University Of Califonia Santa Barbara
  • Western State College Of Law, Irvine
  • American Bar Association
  • California State Bar

Southern California Bankruptcy Attorney

Thomas Kemerer has been focusing primarily on real estate and bankruptcy law for the past 12 years. He has been located at the Doan Law Firm Santa Ana office since January 2008. The ability to make a positive difference in a person's life is what motivates Mr. Kemerer. There is nothing more meaningful to the practice of law than to help someone in need, especially in times of uncertainty and doubt. The opportunity to demonstrate this on a daily basis at Doan Law Firm is reward enough to see and feel the sense of hope and relief from honest, but unfortunate clients.

Working full time while attending law school at night paid off, as it provided valuable real life experience in how to juggle work while pursuing higher education at the same time.

In his free time Mr. Kemerer enjoys travel, spending time with family and friends and volunteering his time to Doctors Without Borders, a charitable organization that travels to countries in Central and South America to provide essential, live saving surgery to those in need.

His past and present professional affiliations include:

  • American Bar Association
  • California State Bar
  • Doctors Without Borders