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News You Can Use
Don't Cash In That 401k!
Did You Know?
Meghan's Story
Financial Funny Bone
News You Can Use
The Doan Difference

The entire Doan Team is continuously focused on improving client care. Our new slogan "Experience the Doan Difference" represents a series of initiatives that provide clients with useful and easy to understand information. One of the most exciting announcements is the launch of our Virtual Attorney™ video series.

Available on our website, YouTube™ and Vimeo™, we'veVirtual Attorneys Video Seriesput together a unique series of short videos that educate, entertain, and gently guide you through the bankruptcy process. We produced these with you in mind, knowing that a well informed client is a happy client. And, like our blog, we've made it easy for you to sign up and receive a link each time we complete another video post. You can even forward your favorites to your friends and relatives.

Don't Cash in that 401k!
401k highway signWhen times get tough, especially if coupled with a job loss, it can be tempting to go to any measure possible to survive.  Paying the mortgage (if you are going to keep the house), eating and fueling the cars are necessities, but the absolute worst "solution" for keeping creditors at bay, short of borrowing from the neighborhood loan shark, is cashing in your retirement. 

Retirement accounts, even large ones, are usually protected in bankruptcy.  Long after the credit card debt is discharged, the retirement accounts remain.  Pulling retirement to pay unsecured debts is like suicide, a permanent solution to a temporary problem.  Never use retirement funds without consulting an attorney to develop a plan that will take you through this crisis and into the future.

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Did You Know? You're not alone...
According to an Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts' recently released a report to Congress, in calendar year 2009, nearly 1.4 million consumer bankruptcy petitions were filed, a 32% increase over calendar year 2008. More Americans are learning and understanding their options.

Some learned that Bankruptcy has its origin in the bible (Deuteronomy 15:1-2). Current bankruptcy laws, like the Biblical provision, allow debtors to keep certain property when they file bankruptcy.  This gives debtors a fresh start and discourages debtors from going into debt-bondage again after the bankruptcy is over; allowing them to start over and become productive members of their community and contributors to our economy. 

Others realized that financial concerns are the leading cause of stress in America.  Some people under financial stress are more likely to engage in destructive coping behaviors like drinking, smoking and overeating. People under financial stress aren't able to engage in preventative healthcare.  They don't get small things taken care of before they turn into big things.  Bankruptcy removes a great deal of stress and allows them to focus on creating a better life and holistic wellness.

For some, financial stress is one of the two biggest threats to their marriage (the other being in-laws). If you combine the two in the form of a loan you can't pay to the in-laws, it's a recipe for marriage death. Divorce affects the entire family.  Children who have gone through divorce face risk factors in higher proportion than those with intact families; living in poverty, difficulty in school, behavior problems, trouble with peers, and depression.  Maintaining healthy finances helps create healthy families.   Healthy families make up a healthy, productive society and bankruptcy can be an essential element of that equation.
Meghan's Story: Opening the Door to a New Life
MammothMeghan lived a great life in Mammoth, California's premiere mountain resort.  A snowboarding instructor when the powder was good and working in the hospitality industry for the rest of the year, Meghan enjoyed the beauty and excitement of living in Mammoth. 

As the economy began to slow, Meghan found that Mammoth is susceptible to the slightest downward motion as people began to forego vacations while they tighten their belts.  Employment options were fewer and as she transitioned to work in a corporate environment, she realized this was not the life for her.  The condo she had purchased made less and less sense and her finances became more and more difficult.

Meghan moved to Southern California looking better job opportunities.  Before she fully settled down, however, she felt a strong need to stop, regroup and formulate a plan.  She decided to take the opportunity to look at all areas of her life and really figure out what she wanted for her future. 

After taking a few months to travel and visit friends, she had a much clearer picture.  An integral part of closing the door on her old life and was filing for bankruptcy.  It allowed her to get rid of the financial baggage following her from Mammoth and lifted a great burden.  Bankruptcy was not just a financial start over, but was a major piece of the puzzle allowing her to learn lasting lessons and allowing her to fully realize her dreams.

At first Meghan felt some trepidation when contemplating filing bankruptcy.  She felt a stigma and initially though she needed to make everything right on her own.  As she looked around at those she respected, Meghan saw many different reasons people filed bankruptcy.  She saw that they survived, bought houses, were able to start over and have a future. As she looked at her mentors, she felt much more comfortable and realized that bankruptcy is the solution society offers for situations just like hers. 

Meghan found the bankruptcy process empowering.  She had made mistakes and bankruptcy allowed her to learn and move on.  She's now settled in Southern California and working in a managerial position she very much enjoys.  She still hits the slopes and enjoys Mammoth so often that some of the regulars don't realize she's left.

Financial Funny Bone
A man, who loved money more than just about anything, said to his wife just before he died, "When I die, I want you to take all my money and put it in the casket with me. I want to take my money to the afterlife with me." 

 When he died she did what she had promised, came over with the money box and put it in the casket. The undertakers locked the casket down, and rolled it away. Her friend said, "I know you weren't fool enough to put all that money in there with your husband!"

The wife said, "I can't go back on my word. I promised my dying husband I was going to put that money in that casket with him." 

 "You mean to tell me you really put that money in the casket!?!" exclaimed her friend.

"I sure did," said the wife. "I wrote him a check."

Pledge of Allegiance

In light of the financial struggles of many Americans, the current pledge of allegiance is outdated.  It should read:   

"I pledge allegiance to the fat cats of the United States of America, and to the Federal Reserve for which it stands, one nation under mega corporations, indivisible, with increased interest rates and foreclosures for all."

Until Americans start exercising their patriotic right to financial health, we might be facing the flag, reciting these very words.

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