Estate Planning

You Still Don’t Have a Will?
A simple will might be all you need. Don’t wait any longer! Contact us TODAY!

If you do no other estate planning, you should at an absolute minimum, have a will. Without a will, state law will determine who gets our property and a judge may decide who will raise your children.

At Doan Law Firm, we make the process of creating a basic will exceptionally easy. Having a will in place provides confidence that your property is left to the people and organizations you choose. It names the guardian you prefer to care for your minor children if you can’t. It names someone you trust to manage the property you leave to minor children, and names the person you choose as an executor to ensure that the terms of your will are properly carried out.

Create a Customized Estate Plan!
We can help you create a Customized Estate Plan with a Will, Health Care Directive, and other essential documents.

At the heart of every estate plan is a will. This gives you legal control over who inherits your property, who would be assigned legal guardianship of your children if that is an issue. It also allows you to appoint your personal representative to oversee the process of carrying out your wishes.

As part of your Estate Plan, you can include a Health Care Directive that will spare your loved ones from having to make life altering decisions by crafting your own plan for medical care. We ensure that the loved one you select has legal permission to make important medical decisions for you if that becomes necessary.

In a Living Will, we will also ensure that your wishes regarding prolonging your life through artificial means in certain circumstances are met. That includes making sure that any of your wishes regarding specific medical treatments and procedures are followed.

With respect to Final Arrangements, you may choose to plan your funeral or other ceremony, easing the burden on your loved ones.

Of great help for your loved ones, we will organize your estate so that your survivors don't have to.

Avoid Probate with a Living Trust!
Staying out of probate saves your loved ones time and money!

By creating a trust while you are alive, you can name your successor as trustee of your estate. Upon your death, your chosen successor simply transfers ownership to the beneficiaries you named in the trust.

Once all of the property has been transferred to the beneficiaries, the living trust ceases to exist.

Estate Planning: Frequently Asked Questions

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