Creditor Abuse Protection / RFDCPA

Creditor abuse is one of the fastest growing consumer problems today in America.

Our Creditor Abuse Prevention team has the resources to stop harassing creditors in their tracks... and hold their feet to the fire.

For many clients who suffered emotional distress, humiliation, and embarrassment we receive quick resolution.

Some client stories include receiving late night calls, being persistently bothered at work, threatened of legal action or even arrest... and some speak of calls to friends and relatives merely to harass and embarrass.

Most people don't know that the law prevents collectors from continuing contact after a consumer has told them to stop.

The Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act was written to protect consumers from overly aggressive collectors and is enforced by the Federal Trade Commission and by victims of creditor abuse.

Following is a list of what collectors can and cannot do...

  • Collectors CANNOT use abuse or deceptive practices such as lying.
  • Collectors CANNOT continue to contact after they’ve been told to stop. This does not stop the process, such as a lawsuit, just the telephone calls.
  • They CANNOT tell anyone else about the debt, including a message on a voice mail that someone else may hear.
  • Collectors CANNOT publish names of those who refuse to pay debts.
  • One thing they can do however is sue for the debt and garnishee wages for any judgment

Doan Law Group takes the heat off you and places it where it belongs... on creditors who use abusive practices.

If you are being unduly harassed by a creditor, contact us today. We can help!

Doan Law Group is unique in that it has created a Creditor Abuse Prevention department with the specific charge of forcing creditors near and far to comply with the law. We know that accompanying any financial struggle are creditors hounding you at every turn. We’ve designed the Creditor Abuse Prevention Department to stop the creditor harassment. We have the resources to hold creditors accountable for their actions.

Using the Federal FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) as well as the California version, the RFDCPA, we help our clients give immediate notice to each of their creditors that an attorney represents them and that they may no longer be contacted.

This notification has one of two effects. Either the creditors comply and stop contacting the client, that’s great, or the creditor walks through the law and continues harassing our client. If that happens, we sue the creditor on our client’s behalf. This results in a nice nest egg for many of our clients; courtesy of their law-breaking creditors. Whichever way, it’s a win.

Almost every single person who walks into the Doan Law Group is on the hit list of at least one creditor for whom harassing him or her has been taken to a ridiculous level.

Our clients have experienced:

  • 46 calls from Wells Fargo over a 2-day period.
  • A call from a creditor telling a client they were backing up a u-Haul to her home and taking everything to a pawn shop.
  • Being awoken every day by the same creditor.
  • Receiving an invoice every single day for a month.
  • Having a creditor call friends, family and neighbors at work and at home for the sole purpose of harassment.
  • Twice having a representative from Chase waiting on his driveway.

Creditors behave this way because they get away with it. They receive much more money violating the law, harassing and scaring people than they pay out in violations. It’s a business decision for the creditors. These aren’t mom and pop shops; they’re traded on the New York Stock Exchange and are household names like Wells Fargo, Chase, Citibank, Carrington Mortgage, etc.

There is no government mechanism to punish creditors that refuse to comply with the law. Lawsuits by private individuals are the only way to make creditors obey the law. They will continue to act with impunity until it becomes more expensive to pay individuals for their harassment than it is to follow the law.

The bottom line is that the Creditor Abuse Prevention Department at Doan Law Group takes the heat off you.

Click Here for more information about Creditor Harassment, the Automatic Stay, Stay Violations, and examples of Prohibited Acts by creditors.



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