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Another Real DLF Client

Monday, October 4th, 2010
This series gives you a glimpse into the lives of real DLF clients.  These are not actors, but real people facing real life and receiving real help from DLF and the US Bankruptcy Court. *

Meet the Smiths, Bob and Jane.  They have been married 23 years and have 3 boys, 13, 16 & 18.  Their lives are moving along well, the boys are healthy, involved in sports, but the financial piece of their lives is troublesome.  The first and second mortgages on their home recently adjusted from low teaser rates to fully amortized payments.  Bob and Jane had planned on the increased house payments, but what they didn’t know is that Bob would take a significant pay cut and lose the bulk of his yearly bonus.  Jane is looking for work, but it is taking longer than she anticipated to land a job.

While their house payment goes north, a large chunk of their monthly income is going to keep credit cards current.  Without the credit card debt, life would be tight, but they’re make it.  Without the credit card debt and with a job for Jane, they’d be just fine.

Bob’s income exceeds the average for the state of California, but their expenses are such that they qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  The Chapter 7 bankruptcy will allow them to get rid of their credit cards debt, keep their cars and house

*  Names and details have been changed to maintain attorney client confidentiality.

The G20 Tackles Global Financial Crisis – You Can Tackle Yours

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

One of the major themes of the recent G20 held in Toronto, Canada was the worldwide financial crisis.  The G20 endorsed the goal of the richest nations, including the US, of cutting their deficits in half within 3 years.

In their closing statement, the G20 leaders recognized that serious challenges remain in the world’s economic recovery.  The leaders said that growth is occurring, but that recovery is “uneven and fragile,” and unemployment in many countries remains at unacceptable levels.  The G20 leaders said to sustain recovery, nations must follow existing stimulus plans and work to create conditions for “robust private demand”.

The parallels between the global financial crisis and personal financial crisis’ are clear.  At a meeting around the dining room table, we acknowledge we’re in crisis.  Cutting our deficits would change our entire world and would restore peace to our lives and our families.  We can see a faint light at the end of the tunnel.

The good news is that we have one tool available that the G20 nations don’t – bankruptcy.  Our family can receive a fresh start.  We can erase past choices and make new ones.  We can take the wisdom we’ve acquired and put ourselves in the best position to exceed this year and beyond.

“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.” ~Richard Bach

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Although we can’t know for sure, it’s a safe bet that the process of metamorphosis is scary for a caterpillar.  One day he is happily crawling through tree branches chomping on leaves as he goes and the next he’s ensconced in a dark confining cocoon feeling sleepy.  Of course we humans know the end of the story and it’s a happy one.  A short time later that same caterpillar will be soaring through the sky, alighting on flowers and sipping sweet nectar.

Caterpillars are not alone; a financial metamorphosis can feel just as scary to humans.  We understand that crawling on your belly and eating leaves simply can’t be a sustainable condition; and, that you may find visualizing yourself soaring through the air difficult at this point.  At Doan Law Firm, Orange County Bankruptcy lawyers can help you see the future clearly, allowing you to move toward it with confidence…spreading your wings and sipping sweet nectar all the way.

The Better Business Bureau Grades Debt Consolidation Companies

Monday, June 28th, 2010

It’s not only the high school kids smoking behind the gymnasium during class that earn a failing grade.  According to the Better Business Bureau, the debt consolidation industry has “inherent problems” and as such, every single debt consolidation company in the nation scores a big fat F until they can prove they meet the BBB’s standards.  Every…single…one.  Is there any other category of business that fails across the board?  Certainly not bankruptcy lawyers in Los Angeles!  The math is clear:   debt consolidation companies = snake oil salesmen.

Another exciting installment of Ask Doan Law Firm

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

What happens to income taxes in bankruptcy?

Generally, taxes for income can be discharged, i.e., the debt will be erased, if the tax returns were filed on time and three years have passed.  Other tests also apply.

Even if your taxes are not dischargeable, in a Los Angeles Chapter 13 you can pay back taxes over a 3-5 year period.  One of the benefits of paying taxes in a Chapter 13 plan is that fines and penalties stop accruing.

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