Prepare Your Bankruptcy For Online Filing Now!

Welcome to our online bankruptcy filing center. This site will help prepare and file your bankruptcy online. An attorney will personally review and finalize your petition. An office visit is not necessary, but highly recommended.

Estimated Interview Time Length: 1 to 2 hours

Costs: The Court filing fee is $299 for Chapter 7 and $274 for Chapter 13. The Attorney fees for processing each case vary. You will be provided a fee quote at your free attorney consultation once all information is reviewed

There is NO COST to process your case online. Fees will only be incurred in the event you decide to retain our firm to file your case. If you do not desire our services, you will be provided a copy of the petition with our analysis of the same.


Once you complete the input of information, it will be electronically submitted to an attorney for final review and processing. You will then receive a response within 24 hours to schedule a time for your free consultation with an attorney concerning your petition.

If you want our firm to then file your case we will then address any additional concerns specific to your case and provide you a copy of our retainer agreement. Our firm also offers several convenient payment plans, all the while protecting you from any creditor harassment.

Step 1: Please supply the following information. This information will allow us to immediately provide you with a user name and password to access your online processing program in Step 2 below. YOU CAN NOT ACCESS STEP 2 UNTIL YOU PROVIDE THE INFORMATION BELOW.

Step 2: Please click this link to log-in with your User Name and Password.


*Privacy Policy: This is a secure site. All your information is confidential and not shared with any third parties. Under State and Federal Laws, we are bound to privacy. Your social security number is required to process your petition and proof of the same will be required by the Bankruptcy Court to identify you in your bankruptcy under Southern District Bankruptcy Court General Order 168 and in order to alleviate identity theft under the GRAMM-LEACH-BLILEY ACT. Doan Law Firm does not provide or share any of the information submitted to any credit reporting agencies nor do we access your credit file without your express written permission.


Your submission allows processing of your bankruptcy petition for the eventual electronic filing of a Bankruptcy Petition under Title 11 of the United States Code to the United States Bankruptcy Court. While all submissions are completely confidential, no attorney-client relationship is created or formed as a result of the submissions to this website. No attorney-client relationship exists until and unless a written agreement is executed by you and the Attorney. Doan Law Firm LLP specifically does not represent you in any legal matter until a written agreement is executed between you and the firm.