Bankruptcy Essentials video series

Are you feeling the pressure of debt and creditors weighing down on your shoulders? Do you feel like there's no way out? Don't let the burden worry you anymore, we're here to help.

In the short time it will take you to view these three titles, you will learn the basics of Chapter 7, and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and understand your options.

Doan Law Firm - Bankruptcy Essentials Video Series
Doan Law Firm, LLP - Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

As in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy instantly stops creditors dead in their track by the way of the Automatic Stay. However, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy differs from Chapter 7 to the extent that an affordable repayment plan is created in a Chapter 13 case. So if one does have the ability to repay all or some of their debt, then a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy could help by setting up a reasonable payment solution. This is especially helpful if you have a pending foreclosures or auto repossession. Learn More.
Doan Law Firm, LLP - Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy immediately stops all creditor harassment, foreclosures, lawsuits, bank levies, wage garnishments, collections, auto repossessions, and more. Honest people who have tried their best to repay their debt, yet make very little to no progress or have no realistic ability to repay debt in the foreseeable future benefit most from filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will eliminate debt forever and provide a fresh financial start. Learn More.
Doan Law Firm, LLP - Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code is used to "re-organize" and become whole or profitable again while continuing day-to-day operations under the oversight of the Bankruptcy Court. This form of bankruptcy reorganization has no limits on the amount of debt as does Chapter 13, and is available to individuals, corporations and partnerships. It is considered the most flexible of all chapter of the Bankruptcy Code.

Most individuals reorganize under Chapter 13 as it offers a streamlined plan at modest cost and allows the debtor to retain possession of assets, catch up on secured debt, and discharge unsecured debt at the end of the plan. When the secured debt limit exceeds the limitations of Chapter 13, individuals often consider Chapter 11. For example, if the combined value of one or more properties exceeds $1,080,000, the only viable bankruptcy recourse would be Chapter 11. Used this way, a Chapter 11 is often referred to as a €Jumbo 13€.

Chapter 11 debtors typically remain in possession of their assets and operate under the supervision of the court. Confirmation of a Chapter 11 plan results only after an affirmative vote by the creditors. If the creditors don't agree on the plan, the debtor can attempt to get a cram down creditor plan confirmed despite creditor opposition by meeting statutory requirements.

Doan Law Firm, LLP - Debt Resolution

One form of comprehensive debt relief from unsecured debt is debt resolution. In this form of debt relief, someone, typically a bankruptcy attorney, negotiates a final settlement with all of the debtor's unsecured creditors at a significantly reduced rate. This is usually the best form of debt relief for someone who can't pay their bills, doesn't qualify for a Chapter 7 and is able to pay off all unsecured debt with either 401K funds or a the help of an understanding and kind relative.

In debt resolution programs an attorney represents your interests and is able to notify your creditors and third party collectors that they have been retained by you and that they must only deal with the law firm. This stops calls to you, our client. Of course, some creditors won't abide by the rules but most will. For those that don't, Doan Law Firm has a CREDITOR ABUSE PREVENTION Program that reviews the merits of FDCPA (Fair Debt Collections Practices Act) in all of its bankruptcy and debt resolution programs. If together we prove creditor abuse, the financial remedies are often significant and greatly benefit our clients. Having our law firm contact your creditors and negotiate your settlement offers you protection under the law, something that many debt settlement companies don't.



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