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Volume 1.3- December 2010

Doan Law Firm Newsletter - Winter 2010/11

Welcome to the Winter Edition of the Doan Law firm Newsletter!

We hope you enjoy this newsletter and find the contents interesting, understandable, and relevant...especially if you are on a critical financial path and looking for help. There are several programs that you might want to share with a friend, family member, or neighbor who might qualify.

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TAX PROMOTIONAL OFFER - Free Tax Preparation

Doan Law Firm LLP - Tax Promotional OfferDoan Law Firm has been helping thousands of Southern Californians secure a new financial start by eliminating credit card debt, second mortgages, and other forms of toxic debt.

As we enter 2011, we would like to help you focus on two things that can make this year the best ever: becoming debt free and preparing your tax return.  In this New Year, Doan Law Firm is making a very special offer to its former clients and everyone in our community that needs our help.

If you are considering a Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, or possibly debt negotiation, we can help you in more ways than one. Our bankruptcy and debt resolution services are second to none. If you haven't already read about it, The Doan Difference distinguishes us from all other bankruptcy firms while offering you the most competitive price. When you retain Doan Law Firm, you also take advantage of our Creditor Abuse Prevention program. Here, we ensure that all creditor harassment stops, or our litigation team will sue your creditor. Often times, the settlement pays for the bankruptcy and then some. Ringing in the New Year, Doan Law Firm will handle your personal Tax Preparation for FREE. That's up to a $295 value. Of course there should be a fine print disclaimer with that offer. But we won't put it in fine print. In fact, here it is...



Did You Know?

Paid More than $150,000 on a $40,000 Debt

In a familiar but shocking scenario, Robert Meixner, 62, filed for bankruptcy a year after losing his job as an ambulance-company controller.  He wanted to shed credit-card debt related to a failed flower shop he had been paying on since the late 1980s.  Mr. Meixner said he felt guilty at first, but after calculating how much interest he had paid-more than $150,000 on an original $40,000 debt-he felt much more comfortable.  Mr. Meixner had repaid the original debt almost four full times over and yet still owed more than he originally borrowed!  Outrageous!

Source:  Wall Street Journal article, Rebuilding Lives After Bankruptcy

If you think that's outrageous, consider what happens to bankruptcy clients who become seduced by "low price" attorneys. Once again, here's proof to the saying, "If it sounds too good to be true...". This brief article is an eye opener!

Number of Bankruptcy Filings Jumping - Jan Norman, OCR

The Orange County Register recently reported bankruptcy filings are at their highest rate since October 2005.  Some of you might recognize 2005 as the year massive changes were instituted in the bankruptcy code and the world was beating a path to the bankruptcy court.  As the economic fall-out continues, filings are now at record levels. Bankruptcy filings have increased:

Orange County                                              37.2%

Los Angeles County                                        57.5%

Riverside/San Bernardino County                       32.8%

While these numbers are staggering, they do represent a large number of people taking their financial future into their own hands, gaining a fresh start and preparing for a new life without toxic debt.


K-Earth Office Of The Week

It was an exciting day Wednesday when Doan Law Firm was selected as K-Earth Office of the Day.

You can see the happy-camper DLF faces gathered around what we lovingly refer to as "The Monument". In the background you can see K-Earth's Antonio who came by with bagels and coffee and serenaded us. Serenading is entirely appropriate since singing occasionally breaks out when DLF listens to K-Earth.


Doan Law Firm - Office Of The Day

If it sounds too good to be true... probably is!


We all want a deal, especially when we're struggling financially, but a deal is not a deal when you have to start all over.

I recently met with a woman that had a real mess on her hands.  When she hired her cut-rate attorney, she had a sneaking suspicion something was off, but it wasn't until she was one day away from having her bankruptcy dismissed that she realized the gravity of the situation.  She came to me with a folder full of papers and a list of questions.  Despite her bankruptcy filing, her husband's wage garnishment of $1,300/month hadn't stopped.  Her house was at stake and she paid thousands of dollars to this attorney who clearly did not know what he was doing.

Unfortunately this client needed to start back at the beginning which was going to be time consuming and costly.  I wish I had spoken with her before she was seduced by the $795 come-on.  Just like dentistry, hairdressing, accounting, child-care and any other profession, you get what you pay for and a bargain isn't a bargain when you need professional help. But don't take it from us, here's a real testimonial from one of our clients...

"Thank you so much for your assistance in this matter. Although it was a difficult one to make, your office and you in particular have made it an easy process to go through. I saw what appeared to be incompetence on the part of the other attorney's present at the hearing. I felt fortunate to have selected a law firm who had all of the paperwork completed so thoroughly. Your firm was the only one who had a copy of the filed paperwork for their clients."


- JS


Financial Funny Bone

One day, the Pastor sees Matthew walking slowly out of Church. Matthew is dejected, disheveled and looks terrible.

"Matthew," asked the Pastor, "what's the matter?"

"Well, Pastor, my business is shot, I'm losing my house and my wife says she is going to leave me and take the kids if I don't straighten things out. I just don't know what to do."

"Matthew, find the answer in the Bible," the Pastor replied. And Matthew left.

Four months later, the Pastor sees Matthew coming out of Church, only this time, he's wearing an Armani suit, a nice cap and lighting a big old cigar.

"Matthew, you look great! Did you follow my advice?"

"I did. I went home that day and decided to open the Bible and to follow the advice I saw. So I opened the Bible and the first phrase I saw said was...Matthew Chapter 11."


Awesome Resources

Virtual Attorney™ is a unique series of short videos that educate, entertain, and gently guide you through the bankruptcy process.

Virtual Attorney Logo

REAL TIME U.S. FINANCIAL STATEMENT illustrates the debt and true financial condition of our country on a continuous basis. this is a most amazing clock for Americans and the world to watch.


US Debt Clock


HOUSE OF CARDS distills the core of our economic crisis into a short and simple story by transforming a complex subject into something easy to understand.

Here's a Bankruptcy Buck for you or a friend... good for $100 off total fees!
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Consulting attorney will reduce total fee by $100 at the time of retainer.

Cannot be used as part of the minimum $200 retainer fee.
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