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The Debt Monster

James Doan - Monday, September 10, 2012

Debt can easily turn into a monster that spirals out of control.  Sometimes this happens so quickly that we feel a helpless victim to this monster and don't even know where to begin to slay it.  Sound familiar?  

If we have turned our back to the monster, hoping it would go away or resolve itself on its own, one of the things we may now be facing is a wage garnishment.  A wage or bank account garnishment truly feels like a cruel and painful blow when one is already down on their luck.  Having one's personal income attached and seized in order to force payment of a debt - when one is already struggling to make ends meet, seems entirely unjust.

If you are facing having your wages garnished, a bank account garnishment, facing a judgment, lien or having your income attached in any way, it is still not too late to take control of your finances.  It IS important to talk to an attorney right away in order to know your rights and options, because debt does not resolve itself, especially if it is empowered by legal action.  

At Doan Law Group, the Doan lawyers know all the ropes, because helping people get out of debt is what we do.  You may be able to stop that garnishment, and put your money back into your pocket.

Doan Law Group is California's Largest Family of Bankruptcy Attorneys.  We have filed tens of thousands of bankruptcy cases over the last fifteen years, and chances are, we can help you as well.

Call 888-362-6529 for a free consultation, or visit us a to schedule your appointment today.

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