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Facing Foreclosure? You are not alone.

James Doan - Monday, September 10, 2012

In fact, another wave of home foreclosures may well be on it's way.  

Wait a minute!  The subprime fiasco has long since passed, right?  Why then are so many Americans struggling to maintain the dream of owning a home?  

Of course, the answers are very convoluted and cannot be fully addressed in a simple blog.  But the new foreclosure wave is directly linked to the wavering job market.  The new face of the housing crisis is the average, middle class American with a conventional home loan they could readily afford at the time of purchase.  There was no underhand dealing, or creative financing involved in the purchase of the home.  What is propelling this new wave of foreclosures is the reality of job loss and layoffs. 

 Americans are encountering endemic unemployment, underemployment, expiration of unemployment benefits, and "low wage bias" by corporations who are adopting China's wage model.  The economy is unrecognizable from what it was a decade ago, and many Americans who have been in their homes for a substantial time are now experiencing first hand the economic realities surrounding them.

Is there any hope of keeping my home?

Yes!  If you are struggling with unsecured debt, NOW is the time to consult an attorney in order to determine your options!  Regaining financial control before falling behind on mortgage payments is the best way to keep your home.  You may have several different paths available to you, so find out what they are in a free bankruptcy consultation.

What if you are already behind on payments, weighed down under late fees, have received notice of default or have a home scheduled for foreclosure?  Is there anything you can do to stay in your home?  Those questions of course can only be answered on an individual basis, but the law is in place to protect you, and you can always have recourse to it.  The Doan bankruptcy attorneys have been able to keep thousands of families in their homes, and chances are they can keep you in your home too.  

Call us at 888-362-6529 or visit us at to schedule your free bankruptcy consultation.  And if bankruptcy is not a feasible alternative, we may be able to help you short sale your home, as many of the Doan attorneys are also real estate brokers.  Visit for more details.

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